What Happens When You Don't Have an Air Filter in Your Vent?

Without a filter, the condensate drain won't be able to drain moisture from the air conditioning unit. This will lead to condensation accumulating in the Freon tube, which will then start dripping down the tray and cause water damage to the entire system. It's recommended to have an air filter on each return grille, as long as you pick the right size and thickness. Filters can improve the air quality in your home and protect your HVAC equipment from dust, pollen, pet dander, and hair. If you have a large home, you should install air filters in both the unit and the return vent.

Even if you find one on your air handler or next to the oven, take a look at the return vent too. AC filters are often overlooked. Why wait until your unit malfunctions or breaks down to take action? Filters play an important role in cleaning the air that passes through the air conditioner. They trap and prevent particles and contaminants that would otherwise affect the health of those living in the home. While it's possible to operate without a filter, HVAC experts don't recommend it.

This is because having no filter leaves your system vulnerable to all types of debris and dirt that could damage your HVAC system or result in costly repairs. Research has shown that many homes and commercial spaces have air that's more polluted than outside air. You can't prevent dust from entering your home, but you can minimize its entry with an air filter. Running your HVAC unit without a filter is OK for a short period of time, but continuing for more than six hours is already delaying it. With air filters installed in the ventilation grilles of your home, your HVAC system benefits from two filters that protect against particles instead of just one. When air enters the system, it passes through a filter that captures a large amount of particles in the air.

Many homeowners think that oven filters are only used to remove particles and improve air quality. But they're also used to provide additional filtration to capture contaminants and keep cleaner air circulating through the HVAC system. Air filters in home ventilation grilles help reduce the load on the oven filter and keep the air cleaner in the HVAC system. To keep your air conditioning unit in good condition longer, you need an air cleaner in good working condition too. Your AC sucks in air from your home, removes heat from it, and then returns it back inside.

Filters protect HVAC equipment and capture a large amount of particles that would otherwise end up in the air you breathe. If you use air filters in your home's ventilation grilles, make sure to change them regularly, just like you do with your main oven filter.